• “The reward for eating what works well for your body is amazing”

    Power foods: Chicken & fish
    Trigger foods: Red meat

  • “Lost 20 lbs in a month and increased my energy.”

    Trigger foods: Red meat & pork

  • “After one week on the program I was totally pain free.”

    The cause? Chicken!

  • “The experience blessed me with better health, better sleep, and more energy.”

    Power foods: Quinoa & Avocado for breakfast

  • How food fit are you?

    Discover how foods could be impacting your life.


Join The Food Fit Revolution.

Forget diets & fads - make changes that last. LoveLife is the proven personalized wellness program that guides you in finding YOUR unique food fit.

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Thousands have made life-changing discoveries about which foods cause weight gain, low energy, pain and more; allowing them to feel & live their best. Take our free food audit & discover how foods may be impacting your life.

Break Free of Food Confusion & Find Your Unique Food Fit

A 21-day journey to cleanse, nourish and discover the foods your body loves and find the ones that are holding you back.


What's Included

With our food tuning method, tracking identification and coach support, you'll have all the tools you need to guide you towards food fit.
  • Food-Tuning Tracker

  • 2 Coach Quickscans

  • Food-fit Profile

  • Daily Chat

  • Resources, Recipes, Guides

  • Group Support

  • Webinar

Who Has It Worked For?

Jennifer L.

"Once I removed the offending foods, my allergies have been almost non-existent. It's fantastic to be able to breathe each morning when I wake up and for my joints to feel so good."

Matt M.

"The speed and ease of how the program helped me lose nearly 20 pounds and raised my energy and general health was remarkable and far easier than I ever expected."

Kristin A.

“The whole experience has blessed me with better health, better sleep, more energy, less allergies and colds, and has had a beneficial impact on my children.”

Meet The Founder

After struggling with my own personal health battles and not getting results from conventional medicine, I was drawn to the natural healing power of foods. What I discovered in the process was life changing, and formed the basis of what would become the LoveLife Program.

Formed in 2008 and growing entirely through word of mouth and client evangelism, we are excited to help more people realize how great they can feel as they begin a true food journey and start the quest to get food fit. When you tap into what's right for you, it's amazing how radically your health and life can change!

Are You Ready To Find Your Food Fit?

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